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About Me

The road always travelled!

My name is Nikhil and I could be best described as a

wanderer. I come from a defence background, my father

being in the Air Force, his work took him to almost all the

parts of India and we tagged along. I literally have

been travelling since the day I was born. Whenever my

father got posted to a new place, I would eagerly wait

for my cycle to come along with our luggage so that

I could immediately go and explore. This curiosity to

explore the unknown keeps me wanting to travel more

and more.

My love for writing and photography lead me to do a

master’s degree in media and communication from

Christ University, Bangalore. I have been writing poems

and articles since I was a teenager, my subjects usually

being what I observe and experience. As part of our

course, we had photography as a subject, which is how I

got introduced to the world of photography and the

technical side of it. Initially, I started off with a Canon 1100D for getting a hold of the camera. Once I was confident that I am comfortable handling a semi-professional camera I switched to Nikon D5100. When I am on my motorcycle, I use a GoPro Hero 7 silver action camera to capture everything on the go. My most proud moment was when the official Instagram page of Bangalore International Airport had reshared/posted my photograph of their ATC.

Travelling and exploring with my friends went in a different direction altogether. Most of our rides would be to a new restaurant or to a small food joint far away from where I like. This kind of made me curious about the different cuisines and specialities of a certain place and to find out why is that eatery popular among the locals. Over the years I have written numerous reviews of these hidden gems that you can find here. But I am more curious about the small tin shed next to the river that serves the best black tea or the best boiled egg you could ever have, this keeps me moving.

I own a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 and ever since I have sat on it, I’ve been in love with that beautiful motorcycle. I don’t know how (or maybe I’m just too talented) but, every time I go for a ride on my Himalayan, I get a couple of good photographs and videos of it and the journey at the end of the ride, as I said, it’s effortless. I want to share all these experiences with everyone, through my photos, videos, social media, blog and find out where else can I go tomorrow by being a moto blogger.

You can touch base with me through -


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