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Bike disc lock (Anti-Theft Lock)

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

AllExtreme EXHDBL1 Heavy Duty Disc Brake Lock Anti Theft Stainless Steel 7mm Pin Wheel Locking Security Lock for Bike and Motorcycle (Chrome , Painted Finish)

I own the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 (2020) and there have been a lot of instances where I just couldn't sleep at night because I was at a friends' place or a new area. I just couldn't stop thinking if someone would steal my motorcycle, because I had seen a couple of theft videos on the social media and it kind of made me very concerned about my motorcycle every time I went out. I had to find an answer to my misery. It went to a point where I had almost bought a GPS tracker for my motorcycle. I did some research and found that I could have a cheap and reliable alternative to that. The disc lock! it won't let the motorcycle move at all once you lock it. It is non-electric, totally mechanical.

When I checked a few disc locks on Amazon, I found this one which was recommended and had a lot of good reviews to it. It is completely made up of metal, give you the confidence that no one is going to break it easily without putting any effort.

I believe it's all in your head that you have to be worried about anything. Products like these are basically built to put your mind at ease. Once you get this, I mean you really not expect anyone to come and try stealing your motorcycle. But like I said before, because of the metal built, you get the confidence that your motorcycle would be safe.

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