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Close 'n' Counter

I want to talk about the close encounter I had recently and how I love the Royal Enfield Himalayan’s ABS. On 25th of March, 2022, I was riding through the city doing about 40Kmph-50Kmph on the speedo. Bangalore city roads being super crowded, that is one of the rare moments where you get to do this. But, I was cautiously riding on that speed and all of a sudden a boy just jumped in front of me and stopped. The boy (must have been 10 years old) jumped from the divider and just froze on the road when he saw me coming from the opposite side. At about 10 feet away from him, I hit the brakes and immediately came to a stop. The boy, though he ran away, but it took me a second to get back to reality. That one second made me fall in love with my Himalayan even more, that one second, it’s the ABS that saved us both, that one second I was CLOSE to hitting him aNd the ABS COUNTERED it.

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