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Eternal Love - A Yamaha RX 100 story

“Hi Sir this is Swiggy delivery boy I saw your bike willing to buy if you are willing to sell. Please do call me 99*******”

For a lot of people the RX100 is a feeling. This motorcycle has admirers from all age groups. Be it a 100 year old or a 10 year old, everybody loves this motorcycle. The sound that this single cylinder 2 stroke motorcycle produces is what most would resonate with. I mean I don’t have to talk about its amazing engine, it still works the same as it did on day one for the ones that were properly taken care of. This motorcycle is parked near to where I park my motorcycle and every time I park, I look at this old dusty motorcycle and wonder why someone is not taking care of it. And just like any day when I was parking my motorcycle, I saw this note.

I felt it was a very sweet and innocent message that this Swiggy delivery boy had left, hence thought of sharing it with the internet.

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