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Modifications so far...

The modifications on my motorcycle were done when the needs arouse. I did not simply get the modifications done as soon as I got the motorcycle. Before I ordered a new part, I would do an extensive research on the pros and cons especially. At time it would take me months to figure out which one to buy. Here, I am sharing the extra parts that I have added to my motorcycle in the past two years. Links to the particular product has been attached to it for your reference. The modifications were mostly done on the protective basis than looking at the aesthetics side. I have also observed that some of modifications that I had done then were implemented on their BS6 version. The new BS6 versions have built in Hazard light modules, rear brake cylinder guard if I have to point out. I have own the BS4 Himalayan which basically had a refined engine and ABS when compared to the BS3 version, so many important accessories weren't available then.

  1. The first one that I needed was a mobile phone mount as it is very dangerous to hold the phone and ride. When you have the directions visually right in front of you, it is more comfortable to ride so that you can just glance at it for assurance. I bought the BOBO Jaw-Grip Aluminium Bike / Cycle Phone Holder Motorcycle Mobile Mount and after using this for a year now, I will admit that it is worth the money. It strongly holds the phone even on high speeds. The only negative I want to point out is that if you are attaching it on the mirror mount, the phone would wobble. Other than that, it's a perfect and sturdy mobile phone mount to have installed on your motorcycle.

  2. The second modification was fixing a hazard lights module, this, at that time I thought was an important feature that Royal Enfield should have given. One day I did an early morning Idukki (Kerala) trip with my friends and found out that the vehicles coming from the opposite side were coming too close to us before they changed their direction. The issue is that the Himalayan’s headlight is not that powerful to see through thick fog and so were the indicators. I went ahead and ordered a SIMTAC hazard lights module for myself. There are about 20 plus styles of the flash with the press of a button, that is also provided by the company. This module is just a plug and play attachment, but installing it can be a little tricky as it has to be placed near the stem of the motorcycle. I would suggest that if you are going to do this by yourself, refer to a few videos on YouTube about the installation of the hazard lights module.

  3. The rear brake cylinder guard came in as a surprise to me as it was brought to my notice by my friend who also owns a BS4 Himalayan. He suggested that we should attach the rear brake cylinder guard as it is prone to get hit by our right heel while riding. Whatever he said made absolute sense and we immediately got the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650's rear brake cylinder guard fixed on it from a Royal Enfield spare parts shop in Kochi (Kerala). I guess it does the job quite well as the rear brake cylinder looks quite secured and is not damaged yet.

  4. Before purchasing the hazard light, I did my research and found out that the stock indicators weren’t as powerful as the LED indicators. As in, when the stock indicators are lit, it doesn’t immediately grab your attention. Especially if you are travelling through fog, the distance that the stock bulb’s light travels is less than the LEDs’. Also, LEDs drink less juice from the battery, so in all aspects, LEDs were a better choice. I went ahead and ordered the SIMTAC hazard light with 4 amber LED indicator bulbs. It was an easy fix, all you require is a screwdriver and a little bit of patience.

  5. I had my eyes on the headlight grill for a very long time and I kept looking at the various options that were available in the market at that time. Finally I zeroed down to the Barrel Exhaust headlight grill that I had ordered through Amazon. I have done a full article on this which you can find here.

  6. My latest modification on my motorcycle was the Handlebar from Expedition motors based in Bangalore. I am 6'1 and though the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a tall motorcycle, I wanted just that extra comfort while riding. The new handlebar gives me the upright position and I can do long rides with ease now. I had read and heard that the stock handle is not a sturdy one which might bend on impact. The handlebar that I got installed on my motorcycle is durable and strong (the crossbar gives it the added strength), you become confident as soon as you hold the handlebar. I highly recommend it for anyone who has plans of getting it installed.

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