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Updated: May 23, 2021

I know during this COVID pandemic everybody is supposed to stay at home and be safe, but you really can't keep a Royal Enfield Himalayan locked inside the house, it is meant to be on the roads, on the hills, off-roading, getting all dirty. I was wanting to step out of my house since the lockdown had started, but lacked the guts to do it. So, about 4 people in total had agreed for this trip and I was just super pumped and double minded at the same time about this. The person who had planned this trip backed out due to personal reasons and I doubted if the others would come now.

I couldn't sleep at night, the excitement and nervousness kept me awake, I was still not very sure if I should be going for this ride. At 04:30 Hrs I took a bath and I knew very well that I am doing this for sure, by 06:00 Hrs I am ready and geared up. As soon I was cold starting my motorcycle I remembered that I did not take my mobile phone, I switched off the motorcycle and ran upstairs, got my phone and started my motorcycle. I then remembered that I forgot my GoPro, again switched off the bike and the same story continued. When I tried fixing the Gopro to my helmet, the attachment broke. The moment it broke, it kind of broke my heart too, I thought to myself if these are signs that the ride is not going to be good. But, I was not ready to give up on this, I was going to do it anyway and so I did.

This was supposed to be a small ride, we had planned to meet at 6:30 AM. When I reached there, I didn't find anyone from my group, somehow I was happy about this and started my solo trip. Even though I have done multiple rides previously, this somehow was actually soothing my soul. I was cruising on the NH75 with an average comfortable speed of 80-100 Kmph. Beautiful roads, beautiful weather, morning bliss, blue sky, no traffic, what else does a rider want?! I was able to enjoy this ride so much, I was looking ahead and not at the odometer, I was trying to catch the blue sky, I was wandering.

I kept my eyes open, looking for off-road trails and I found 2 and I must admit, the RE Himalayan is a beautiful bike and it glides on off-roads. The tagline is so apt: "meant for all roads, meant for no roads", this is true! I did all that within a time frame of one hour. This kept happening to me, I would be cruising on the highway, stop for a scenic view, take a few photographs, start again, repeat. All I was carrying was a hydration bag, I didn't stop anywhere for breakfast, somehow I was scared about that part, but I wasn't hungry also, so, I don't have anything to blame on, my energy level was still at 100% even after not being able to sleep. I know it's a dangerous thing to do, I don't have anything say in my defense, but I needed this and honestly I am in love with my bike even more now.

(Disclaimer: This blog post contains a few amazon affiliate links. That implies that on if you make a buy by subsequently clicking on the link, I will acquire a little commission at no additional expense to you.)

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